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Friday, September 24, 2010

Great outdoors is the perfect stage for easy vegan dishes

Camping is one of my all-time favorite activities. Getting away from the daily grind to a place where cell phone reception is poor at best and charging a laptop isn’t really an option is just a small part of the appeal.

Being out in nature and witnessing what we as a species have paved over in a lot of areas and seeing the world as it should be is the main reason I try to get out there.

I recently went camping with three vegetarian friends of mine, so I thought I’d offer up some of the simple meals we prepared over the campfire.

None of these were done while heavy trekking, just simple car camping so the ingredients are from a cooler, but some things can be put into a pack and travel for a real wilderness trek. All of these meals were done in collaboration with all four of us on the camping trip, so none of these meal ideas are mine alone, but I thought I should share them all.


Vegan pancakes are simple with a box of Bisquick and some soy milk with just a little vegetable oil.

Some vegan margarine and a basic frying pan do the trick. We had a camping cookware set from Coleman that was pretty inexpensive and worked great.

The trick is to use a lot of margarine because the pan heats up pretty high over the open flame and will cause the pancakes to stick.


The best discovery of my camping was a hobo-pie maker from a company called Rome. This cast-iron device opens on a hinge and you put in two pieces of bread, fill it with pretty much anything from peanut butter and jelly to vegan faux-lunchmeats. Just shove it right into the coals of the fire and you have a great toasted sandwich in just a few minutes.

Veggie hot dogs are great over the fire as well. The good old traditional method of finding a stick and skewering them to toast over the open flames works well. Best of all, since there is no meat and it’s all precooked; you just have to heat it up and not worry about cooking out bacteria that cause problems in undercooked meats.


Some prepackaged meals just heated up over the fire work great, but combining some of those veggie hot dogs with some fresh veggies in a pot and tossing in some seasoning, then busting out the cast iron sandwich machine makes an awesome dinner.

Rice cooks nicely in a little camping pot over the fire as well, so mixing that with some canned beans and spices, or tossing the beans in a pot with some onions and some boxed Indian food makes a hearty meal as well.

Vegans can have an unlimited amount of options for meals while camping, especially because of the fact that most vegetarian foods really just need to be heated up and not actually cooked all the way through.

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