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Monday, July 19, 2010

Herbivore Vs. health food enthusiast

I hear it a lot from various sources and in various ways.
Sometimes it it questions on how I can have a 200+ pound stature when all I eat is carrots and lettuce.
Usually it is more along the lines of people mistakenly telling me that I'm going to live a long life because I eat so healthy.
Now that I have been sharing my recipes, it's become more people questioning why my vegetarian recipes include margarine and cheese and sugar when I'm supposed to be cooking so healthy.
I'd love to dispel that myth that all vegetarians are health food enthusiasts.
At a recent mostly vegetarian gathering at my house, the thing that got the most excited response was that we figured out a vegan batter to make deep-fried Oreos.
Yes, because there is no meat in our diet, vegetarians tend to have more healthy options than omnivores because of the high  fat content in a lot of meat, and especially in fast food.
So by default, herbivores do eat a bit more healthy than average people, but that isn't the reason why most of us do it.
A true vegetarian lifestyle is more about avoiding the death of animals than it is about eating the most nutritious meals possible.
There are a lot of vegetarians that are also really in to health foods, but healthy and vegetarian are not one and the same.


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