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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Philly's best vegan chinese food.

Now, this is clearly a subjective matter and I know people love each of the handful of vegetarian Chinese restaurants in Philadelphia, but I also know that I'm right and New Harmony is the best of them all.

Located on Ninth St between Arch and Race Sts (135 N 9th st, to be exact), New Harmony was once owned by the same folks who had rival vegan Chinese restaurant, Kingdom of Vegetarians but is no longer associated with them.

Their menu has the full array of dishes you'll find at any Chinese restaurant from beef lo-mien to dragon and phoenix to barbecue spare ribs. The only difference is that all of these meats are vegan meat substitutes.

The portions are all generous and the prices are all reasonable. More importantly, all of the food is delicious. Many of the omnivores I know have eaten there and liked it as much as their favorite non-veg Chinese places.

If you're feeling really hungry and/or gluttonous, take a couple of friends and get the all-you-can-eat dim sum. For around 12 bucks each, the servers will keep dropping plates of a variety of appetizers from their menu. You can choose from the list on the dim sum page or just have the cooks give you a variety of their choosing.
Your first time there, you should do the variety and then you can request repeats of the ones you like.
Big party coming up? Groups of ten or more can get their banquet room downstairs complete with large-screen tv and dvd player or karaoke.
Check them out next time you're in the Chinatown section of Philadelphia.


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