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lazy vegetarians are everywhere. this is a collection of easy recipes and tips for dining out for vegetarians with little time or effort.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dining out is the easiest vegetarian meal.

Even with the majority of restaurants offering vegetarian and vegan options, there is still a lack of real variety at most places.
One or two dishes without meat can be good enough for the most part, but sometimes we just want to go somewhere that either has a lot of options or only meat-free options.
A favorite of mine is Govinda's at Broad and South Streets in Philly.
They have some of the best vegetarian sandwiches I've ever had. There is a pepper-"steak" sandwich that floors me. They also have a great ham and cheese hoagie made with the best fake ham that I have ever had.
They have real cheese and vegan cheese available so that most everything on their menu is available as a vegan dish as well.
The counter is usually quite busy, so you might have to wait in line for it, but there is a lot of great food there, so give it a try if you're a vegetarian or an omnivore. Even my meat-eating friends that I've dragged there have loved the taste of everything they had.


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