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Monday, June 4, 2012

More camping fun

The Lazy Herbivore has been silent for a while, but i guess it's about time to say hi again.
Recently I went camping with some vegan friends. Easy campfire cooking is one of the best parts of camping. That smell of burning wood mixing in with your fresh veggie-dogs from the fire... delicious.
A while back, I bought a pie iron from a company that makes campfire-cooking devices. This has worked very well for camping excursions, you throw any bread in there, any filling that would be good hot and melty (peanut butter and banana turns out amazingly well), throw it into the hot coals of your campfire, let it sit for a few minutes, and you're set.
With one of my camping co-horts realizing he has a gluten allergy, we've had to make some tweaks on our camping menu. We brought some corn tortillas, stuffed them with Daiya vegan cheese, some veggie pepperoni, and closed up the pie iron. What came out really tasted like nachos and was enhanced by a little Sriracha. Because the pie iron is smaller than the tortillas, the edges of the tortilla caught fire and burned away as the sandwich inside melted into all it's unhealthy vegan glory.
Some nicely seared edges, including still glowing embers on some parts, meant let it cool a bit before devouring, but once it was cool enough to eat, this sandwich was fantastic.
Kayli, one of the cows living at the Woodstock Farm  Animal Sanctuary.
This camping excursion was for a visit to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, which I thoroughly recommend to anyone who loves animals and wants to interact with them directly. You'll have a chance to get close to all manor of farm animals, including hugging a pig, hand feeding a cow, petting some turkeys, and getting kicked by one impatient sheep while you feed others. Okay, that last one might just be me.


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