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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Raw foods

I'm not sure the whole draw of the raw food movement, but it has been interesting to me for a long time now.  If anyone out there has opinions, i'd love to hear them.

There are lots of raw food recipes out there that seem interesting to me, but have not been real high on my list, but this one seems interesting:

Mango Nanna Pudding:
- 1 ataulfo (aka champagne mango), preferably, but any mango will work, ataulfo seem to be more puddingesque
- 2-3 medium bananas
1. Peel mango.
2. Blend mango and bananas together in blender until desired consistency is reached. I blended it until completely smooth but you could leave it chunky if you wish.
3. Garnish with other fruits if desired.


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