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Monday, October 12, 2009

Wegmans hits Upper Providence/Collegeville

The supermarket chain that has made adoring followers of so many is now in our side of Montgomery County, with two more locations come soon. 
Their Collegeville store opened Sunday to an epic draw of bargain hunters, curiosity seekers and already loyal Wegmans customers. 
I've been hearing good things about Wegmans for years as far as the selection of vegetarian items and variety of organic foods, but I've never had a chance to shop at one.
The new location, while I didn't shop since I was there covering it for work, seems to be fulfilling all of those promises. 
As I made my way through packed aisles and dodged errant children and shopping carts, I did notice that there were several sections on the shelves that had a wide variety of vegetarian staples that most supermarkets carry these days, but also an expanded selection of each familiar brand.  Like many stores have a few Taste Of India entrees (they have a lot of veg-friendly meals in boxes) I noticed a whole shelf section.  And most carry Morningstar Farms, Wegmans had a whole freezer door filled with those green boxes. 
I might not want to deal with the crowds that were there Sunday, but after it calms down to normal grocery store busy I definitely will be going back there to stock up.  They have a good variety and their prices are mostly lower than the bigger chains who treat vegetarian items as luxury pieces and charge more just because they think they can. 


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